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ISLA Membership:

  1. What are the benefits of being an ISLA Member? 

    • Updates on all current securities lending-related issues.
    • Members can be involved in standard and topic-specific working groups such as Legal and Regulation and MiFID II.
    • Entitlement to vote to elect the board of directors. (Full member firms only).
    • Discounted rate for all ISLA Educational workshops.  
    • Discounted attendance at the main annual ISLA conference.
    • Free attendance at the annual ISLA Post Trade Conference.
    • The opportunity for update meetings (for UK members) or to attend country-specific roundtable sessions (for non-UK members).
    • Access to ISLA-published semi-annual reviews of the entire securities lending market.
    • Unique access to the ISLA website for all regulatory, legal and tax developments, plus details of all ongoing projects, the latest news, live discussions, and surveys.
    • Access to regular topic-specific/business-specific working group discussions.
    1. Can anyone apply for ISLA membership?

      • ISLA has criteria you must meet. ISLA has two membership categories: full members and associate members. Full members must be engaged as principal or agent in the lending or borrowing of securities. Associate members must be involved in the provision of commercial services to full members in support of their securities lending or borrowing activities. For more information, visit:
      • Please note: If your company is already a member of ISLA do not complete the ‘sign up’ form, this is for joining companies only.  You can obtain a login to access the member’s website by clicking the ‘request login’ button on the ISLA homepage.
      1. How can I apply?

      1. What happens after I fill in the join ISLA form?

      • Once you fill in this form, ISLA will review the application and confirm that your membership has been approved. You will then be issued an invoice that you will have to process first before you can benefit from ISLA membership. Once we receive the payment, we will follow up with a detailed email of all ISLA benefits and your login details to have full access to our website.
      1. I can already access the website without being a member, what more do I get if I sign up as a member?

      • What you are currently seeing is the free public domain which includes some of our publications and gives you an introduction to ISLA and the work we do. To access all publications, latest industry news, regulatory updates, ISLA Working Group Minutes and documentation you must be a member.

      1. I am a Beneficial Owner and I have registered to the free Beneficial Owner portal – do I need to be a member?

      • As a Beneficial Owner (BO), we do give you free access to the portal which provides tailored information to all BO’s, however, you do not have access to the full member portal and not eligible for full member benefits.

      1. What if I need Netting Opinions?

      • For many years ISLA has obtained and annually updated legal opinions in a joint exercise with ICMA for numerous locations worldwide. For the securities lending business ISLA obtains opinions for the following securities lending documents;  Global Master Securities Lending Agreement – GMSLA (May 2000, July 2009 and January 2010 versions); Overseas Securities Lender’s Agreement – OSLA (October 1994 and December 1995 versions) and Master Gilt Edged Stock Lending Agreement (1996 version). Members can request these as an additional service in January to our members at subscription renewal.

      • SLA analytics is a separate online subscription service provided by AOsphere (a wholly owned affiliate of leading international law practice Allen & Overy LLP). It simplifies your analysis of the ISLA securities lending opinions, using traffic light colour coded analysis of the key issues contained in the opinions and highlighting suggested document amendments. Please contact for more information including pricing and to arrange a few trial or demonstration.  Please note that since January 2017 to subscribe to the ISLA Netting Subscribers group you are required to be a member of ISLA.

      1. How do I get involved with working groups?

      • ISLA holds various working groups which are topic specific. We encourage members to have at least one team member on each. If you would like to be added please email

      1. As a member, can I make suggestions to the team at ISLA?

      • Yes, we look to our members for guidance on what the industry participants would find most useful. We are happy to speak to you about the work we do at ISLA at any time. Email if you have any questions/suggestion or would just like a chat with one of us.  

      1. I have received an email to advise me that my membership has been revoked. What does this mean?

      • Most likely your payment for ISLA Membership for the following term has not been paid and has exceeded the deadline. We will have made your member representative aware of this and provided an opportunity to make the payment.  If you were not contacted and would like to know more details, please contact us on;


      Login Details:

      1. How can my colleague sign up?

      • Simply request online by clicking the ‘Request Login’ button on the homepage
      1. My password is not working. How can I request a new one?

      • You can simply click forgotten password and you will be able to reset your password yourself. If you have further issues, email;
      1. I requested a password online but I still can’t get in – what should I do?

      • Firstly, ensure you are up-to-date with your ISLA Membership payments. If you are up-to-date and yet still access, please contact
      1. I am a Beneficial Owner and I have registered – when should I accept to get access to my free tailored portal?

      • Please allow 48-72 hours for us to review your request and grant you access.
      1. I applied for membership, when will I have access to the full member site?

      • As soon as your membership payment has been processed and we have received the funds, we will give you full access.