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Why Securities Lending is Critical For Markets And Good For Funds

Course start from:
20/09/2018 09:00:00

Venue: Dublin, TBC

Cost: £650 plus VAT (members) £750 plus VAT (non members)

Transaction Flow

  • What is a stock loan
  • Trading strategies using SFTs
  • Legal structure
  • Participants

Strategies involving Securities Lending

  • Cost implication of lending
  • Cost implications of borrowing
  • Fee versus rebate

Overview of the Transaction and Settlement

  • Custody and Settlement
  • Fails Management
  • Managing outstanding trades

Collateral Considerations

  • Collateral settlement\Triparty
  • Cash collateral considerations
  • Daily process

Default Procedures

  • What is a default (Legally)
  • What is the process of restitution
  • Default calculations

Reporting Obligations

  • Market Developments
  • Pledge
  • CCP